Time to Put Kids First ChildThe eight (8) principles outlined in the download, The Key to Putting Kids First: A Successful Guide to Co-Parenting, represent the foundation of successful co-parenting. These principles were developed by the nonprofit organization, Time to Put Kids First (TPKF).

Additionally, TPKF has developed a program that expands upon those principles. This program includes tools, tips and techniques to help guide you and your parenting partner to co-parenting success and will be provided to you for no charge via email in the coming weeks.

Whether you are married, single, currently co-parenting or not, the lessons in this program will prove invaluable.

Separation and divorce is hard on children. They tend to blame themselves, internalize their pain, and they begin to fear that love may not be unconditional. Every child has the need and the right to maintain a continuous, stable relationship with both of their parents. When parents can set their differences aside in order to put their children first, it eases the impact of separation and divorce.

Historically, custody has been granted exclusively to one parent, dividing the family and exposing children to a multitude of risk factors including an increased chance of poverty, drug use, incarceration, physical and mental health issues, and suicide.

Studies have shown that children of divorce fare much better when both parents are actively involved, particularly when the relationship remains amicable. When parents can work together to continue a parenting partnership, the risk factors are reduced significantly, and the children thrive academically, socially and developmentally.

Co-Parenting and Meaningful Living

Co-Parenting not only allows for children to have both parents consistently involved in their lives in a meaningful way, but it maintains a sense of security and stability for the children, and helps them to develop patience, conflict management, and understand the importance of family bonds. Keeping a calm and peaceful environment that involves both of their parents and both sides of their extended families will position your children for a successful future.

Following this program will provide you with assurance and peace of mind whether you are with your children or apart. It will allow your children a happy, healthy and peaceful childhood in a well-balanced and secure environment that is filled with love, compassion, and respect for everyone involved in your child’s life. Emphasizing the importance of parent-child and family relationships will brighten the future for you and your family, and our society as a whole!

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Advancing Your Coparenting Skills