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Child Custody - THE KEY TO PUTTING KIDS FIRST: A Guide to Successful Co-Parenting

Child Custody: How to Bring Home a WIN for Your Children

Look, hiring a lawyer and “winning” a child custody case is a long, expensive, and grueling process. It creates further discord, tension, and stress for everyone involved and regardless of the circumstances the children themselves tend to lose, no matter how positive you believe your intentions are.

The reality is Family Court can take years to resolve, thousands of dollars that could have been used for your children, hours of work for court dates and years off your life due to the stress. A great alternative to help create stability in your children’s lives through this already hard time is Co-Parenting.

Co-Parenting can be accomplished on your own, through the help of counseling and mediation, and a plethora of other ways.

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The Co-Parenting Path

As difficult, and in some cases, as impossible as it may seem, Co-Parenting is a path that truly puts your kids first. It may not be easy, in fact, it probably won’t be easy.  But, it is best for your children. Children need to see their parents acting respectable to each other. A child’s parents’ relationship will serve as a model for the type of relationships they will one day have. Further, your children will grow up happier and healthier and they will one day know you did your best, given the circumstances.

Let us help guide you on the right path to Co-Parenting in order to ensure a better life for you and your children.

Children who have shared parenting and whose parents Co-Parent are more likely to have higher self-esteem, which helps a child’s development. Low self-esteem often leads children to partake in juvenile delinquency.

Children who don’t have adequate time with both parents result in:

  • 63% of youth suicides
  • 85% of youth in prison
  • 71% of high school drop outs
  • 75% of adolescence in substance abuse rehab

By setting your differences aside and truly focusing on your children’s needs and Co-Parenting, you can create better outcomes for your children.

About the Guide

THE KEY TO PUTTING KIDS FIRST: A Guide to Successful Co-Parenting, outlines 8 fundamental principles for maintaining a peaceful co-parenting relationship. This co-parenting guide offers separated and divorced parents solutions for optimal cooperative care of their children. This reference is available as a digital download on this page by entering your name and email above and is also available to be printed for distribution to individuals, schools and community groups.

BONUS: You will also receive the CO-PARENTING CONNECTION, a practical email series designed to help parents set their differences aside and work together as a team to raise children after their divorce or separation. It includes information about parental responsibilities and making joint decisions that affect the emotional and developmental needs of a child in everyday life.

Enter your name and email to instantly download THE KEY TO PUTTING KIDS FIRST: A Guide to Successful Co-Parenting

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