Daniel was born and raised in Caldwell, Idaho. Along with his two brothers, he was raised by his mother and father. At the age of 12, Daniel’s parents divorced. Though divorce can hit a family in negative ways, Daniel and his brothers were shown that both parents could remain active in their children’s lives, no matter what the family living situation had become. Daniel’s parents had a 50/50 custody agreement and were both active in raising him and his two brothers. His parents have been and continue to be a positive influence and strong support system for him, teaching from their own experiences and life lessons.

At a young age, Daniel fell in love and married. His upbringing had taught him that no matter what his family past had been, marriage vows are sacred and marriage is also hard work for everyone. Bumps in the road were expected, but could be worked through. During this marriage, Daniel and his wife were blessed with two sons. The boys became Daniel’s life. The youthful marriage did not last, and much to Daniel’s disappointment and efforts, it ended. A custody battle soon began. Daniel learned a hard lesson in the months and years following his divorce. People can go to extremes to keep a parent from their children.

During this battle for joint custody of his children, Daniel fought hard through job changes and income loss to become the successful man and father that he is today. He continues to fight hard for time with his boys, and to be the best father and man a person can be. He shows his boys every day, by example, what it means to be a good parent and a good man. Daniel became a proud member of Time To Put Kids First since learning about the organization and mission. It is through this organization that Daniel hopes to continue educating others on the importance of positive equal parenting.

Daniel Rush
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