Daniel WhislerDaniel was born into a strong loving family of 3 brothers and a sister. Growing up in Alaska and Oregon, Daniel’s parents ran the Alaska state owned Hope Cottage, which was a home for mentally handicapped adults.

Daniel spent much of his time including his weekends, volunteering at Hope Cottage, and he especially helped his parents with the respite program. The respite program was a babysitting program for mentally handicapped kids so that their parents could take care of necessities while leaving their children in the reliable and trusted care that Daniel’s family provided.

In 2012, Daniel had a wonderful boy, Drake Riley Whisler. Daniel was fighting wildland fires out of Alaska and spending his off time in Portland Oregon. After Drake’s mother found out she was pregnant, she ran back home to Washington instead of joining Daniel in Alaska to make a family.

From there, Daniel was told he would only be a visitor to his son Drake until he was 18 years old. Daniel has pushed relentlessly to be an active part of his son’s life, from spending thousands in airfare, hotels, and food to changing his job in order to move to Portland and be closer to his boy.

Daniel is not only fighting for his Constitutional right to be a parent but wants to ensure his son never goes through these same challenges when he becomes a parent. He is devoted to helping others and to teach them their rights, so that they can be an equal part of their children’s lives

Daniel Whisler
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