DarcyLaganaDarcy grew up on the Idaho and Wyoming border, with 2 siblings and dozens of cousins who were all very close.

She was married at a young age and gave birth to a son at the age of 21. The marriage ended in divorce. When their son was only four year’s old, his father took him and moved out of state with his new wife, and Darcy was withheld from all contact for 7 years. During the time Darcy and her son spent apart, she finished her paralegal and ministry degrees, and she focused on becoming the person she knew her son would need when they eventually reunited.

Around the time her son turned 11, the school discovered that his step mother was abusing him. A restraining order was put in place to protect him from further abuse, and this opened the door for Darcy to come back into his life. After reconciling, Darcy held a series of family gatherings bringing her extended family together. She and her son helped to reconnect and repair the bonds for their extended family, after 25 years of division for some. Darcy and her son were able to turn their tragedy into a blessing for their family. The family recently reunited on the river in Arizona where over 100 family members all came together in celebration.

Darcy now lives in Hawaii on the Island of Kauai, and she and her son share a very close bond. She serves her community by working with leaders toward restoration and reconciliation in their families and neighborhoods. Her experience has enlightened her in such a way that she is drawn to helping others. She is well respected as a woman of peace, forgiveness, energy and spirituality. One of the many ways Darcy gives back is by serving on the Board of Directors for Time to Put Kids First.

Darcy Lagana
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