Children and Adult MattersStudies show that children of separation tend to grow up faster than kids from intact families. In addition to other challenges, they need to adapt to change, develop coping mechanisms, and they generally have more responsibilities.

Let children be children.

Allow them a healthy childhood. You can minimize the impact on your children through conscious co-parenting.

Children should not be put in the middle of adult issues. They should not serve as your outlet to voice your stress or frustration with your co-parent. They should not serve as your messenger to the other parent. They shouldn’t be bribed or coerced into taking sides for any reason. Further, you should never talk negatively about your co-parent in their presence, even if you think they aren’t listening. They are watching your every move – every gesture, subtle facial expression, and every eye roll.

Giving reassurance that the separation is not their fault will minimize their pain and help them to develop healthy coping mechanisms.

“Often the right path is the one that may be hardest for you to follow. But the hard path is also the one that will make you grow as a human being.” – Karen Mueller Coombs

Never Involve Children in Adult Matters