Valentine's Day1st Place: Mark – “Make a scrap book of their favorite pictures with their parents.”

A scrapbook is such a beautiful thing that lasts a lifetime, allowing your children to look back and see the love and memories shared with both of their parents! Great job, Mark!

2nd Place: Sue – “We always do Valentine’s Day projects and create art work, I always encourage my children to create artwork for their father!”

Creating artwork is great for children, it gets their imagination going! What parent wouldn’t love being given surprise artwork from their child? Sue, awesome job encouraging their relationship with dad!

3rd Place: Linda – “I’m going to bake with my daughter. We love baking, and we’re going to make Valentine’s Day cookies, if she want’s to decorate some for her dad then that’s great.”

Partaking in shared interests with your children is a great way to strengthen bonds! We’re sure your daughter’s father would love some homemade cookies, great work, Mom!

Valentine’s Day Contest Winners
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