Valentine's DayWhat are you doing with your kids on Valentine’s Day?

OK, thinking about your kids may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when contemplating Valentine’s Day. But here at TIME TO PUT KIDS FIRST (TPKF), it’s what we think about all year long.

For us, Valentine’s Day represents an additional time when parents might want to dedicate the day to the love they still share with their previous partner: their children! (“Every other day of the year” would be the other time to consider).

So, in the spirit of putting kids first, we’d like your ideas on what parents could do with their kids on, or around, Valentine’s Day.

Submit your ideas at the bottom of this page.

This can be an idea that you intend to do this year, or one you’ve done in the past, or even one that you would like to do in the future: It’s the idea that counts.

We are even offering a few prizes for three ideas that we’ll feature in an article the week before Valentine’s Day. It’s free to enter.


First Place: Free TPKF T-Shirt, bumper sticker and magnet

Second Place: Free TPKF bumper sticker and magnet

Third Place: Free TPKF bumper sticker


Jan 6, 2017: Contest announced
Jan 25, 2017: Deadline to send in your idea (Midnight Pacific Time)
Feb 1, 2017: Winners announced via email and Facebook
Feb 7, 2017: Article with top three ideas published on, on Facebook and sent out via email
Feb 14, 2017: Enjoy Valentine’s Day with your kids!


Submit your ideas below by Jan 25, 2017. The idea can be as brief as one sentence, but not more than 100 words. You may submit up to three ideas. It’s free to enter.


Time to Put Kids First (TPKF) Staff


Fun ideas are particularly encouraged and all ideas are welcome


Prizes will only be shipped within the United States, but we encourage everyone to submit their Valentine’s Day ideas!





TPKF Valentine’s Day Contest with Prizes: Due Jan 25, 2017
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