About - Time To Put Kids First

Time To Put Kids First is a nonprofit organization of fathers, mothers, step-fathers, step-mothers, grandparents and concerned citizens working for children’s rights, parental equality and restoring the value of parent-child and family relationships. Your participation and support is welcome.

Time To Put Kids First

The name Time To Put Kids First was derived from a history of children being placed in the middle of custody disputes, who them suffer as a result of selfish and malicious acts of parents when going through a separation or divorce.

Time To Put Kids First was founded to help support children and those who love them through education on co-parenting and issues pertaining to children involved in custody disputes.

One of our fundamental educational references is THE KEY TO PUTTING KIDS FIRST: A Guide to Successful Co-Parenting. We offer this for free on this website and we also provide them in bulk for individuals who wish to give them away in their own community.

It is possible for parents to work together, even under strained circumstances, when they cooperate for the benefit of their children.

Time To Put Kids First Guiding Principles

Kids First
Our first priority is the safety, security and mental well-being of children, achieved by promoting and encouraging conscious co-parenting and shared parenting.

Inspire and Engage
We serve to inspire and engage others in order to restore hope, create a societal change and improve the quality of life for children and families.

Accessibility to All
We pride ourselves on our accessibility to everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, origin or income.

Morals and Ethics
We hold ourselves to a high standard of integrity and we treat everyone with care, compassion, dignity and respect.

Partnership and Collaboration
We pursue partnerships with organizations that hold our same high standards in order to increase our impact and achieve our mission.

Continual Improvement
We strive to continually improve our work and programs in order to increase our effectiveness, expand our reach and make a lasting impact on society.

Board of Directors

President, DEBRA CHILDS was born and raised on a small farm in New Hampshire where she later raised her own two children as a single mother. She credits her children, as much as she credits her parents, for the person she is today and for any success she has achieved. Debra prides herself on her honesty, integrity, hard work, and sense of both personal responsibility and personal accountability. Read More

Vice President, BEN WINDERWEEDLE is a Southern boy at heart. He was raised by his maternal grandparents in Northern Louisiana, and in August of 1996, he set off to pursue his dreams and find his passion in the United States Navy. Ben is an accomplished and decorated 20-year Navy veteran. He has been cited for many accomplishments and recognized for his performance. Read More

DANIEL WHISLER was born into a strong loving family of 3 brothers and a sister. Growing up in Alaska and Oregon, Daniel’s parents ran the Alaska state owned Hope Cottage, which was a home for mentally handicapped adults. Daniel spent much of his time including his weekends, volunteering at Hope Cottage, and he especially helped his parents with the respite program. Read More

DARCY LAGANA grew up on the Idaho and Wyoming border, with 2 siblings and dozens of cousins who were all very close. She was married at a young age and gave birth to a son at the age of 21. The marriage ended in divorce. When their son was only four year’s old, his father took him and moved out of state with his new wife, and Darcy was withheld from all contact for 7 years. Read More

DANIEL RUSH was born and raised in Caldwell, Idaho. Along with his two brothers, he was raised by his mother and father. At the age of 12, Daniel’s parents divorced. Though divorce can hit a family in negative ways, Daniel and his brothers were shown that both parents could remain active in their children’s lives, no matter what the family living situation had become. Daniel’s parents had a 50/50 custody agreement and were both active in raising him and his two brothers. His parents have been and continue to be a positive influence and strong support system for him, teaching from their own experiences and life lessons. Read More

More Information

For more information about the TIME TO PUT KIDS FIRST organization, please visit the following link: TimeToPutKidsFirst.org